Thursday, November 20

Yeast (Candida) Infection Can Now Be Cured Permanently

Looking for a Yeast (Candida) Cure that works? - it's easy!

I got my yeast (Candida) infection cured with this method which is an ALL NATURAL AND PERMANENT way to cure yeast (Candida) infections - and its fantastic. I recommend it because its easy to follow, uses natural remedies, and it works! I have been free of yeast (Candida) infection now for over three years

Sure, we CAN use chemical products - and most of us have tried them. But they are not worth the expense or the hassle. Besides the quality is not so good as the natural remedies. I want my remedies to WORK and to work FAST! So I used this natural remedy and am now free from yeast (Candida) infection - for good!

If you have NOT been able to get rid of Yeast (Candida) Infection then its time to press the panic button!

Its great to be well!
Remember, Yeast Infection is also commonly called Candida, Candida Albicans, or Thrush (UK)

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Wednesday, November 19

Relaxation - the lifestyle change that can cure Yeast (Candida) Infection?

As discussed in previous blog posts, there are three main ways to try and cure Yeast (Candida) Infection: Pharmaceuticals, Natural remedies, lifestyle changes. Whilst "jenny" in our case study has had great success using just natural remedies, not all sufferers from Yeast (Candida) infection are able to get these results. If you brows through this blog you will find posts on a host of "lifestyle" related changes that can have a big impact on the healing process.Every day we get more and more evidence to show that our body's ability to fight infection is impacted by the quality of our external environment (mold, pollens and other allergens, plastic containers (see video above), car related toxins, cleaning and other household chemicals that distort our hormone production, to name a few), and the quality of our internal environment (quality of the food we eat, the medication we take, the amount of sleep we get, injection of smoke and other addictive substances.
The effects of smoking on the skin
If we can cure yeast infection with pharmaceuticals - we will! Its the easiest option. Next will be natural remedies. We leave lifestyle changes till last - because these can take so much time and effort.

We aim, in this blog, to try and make the lifestyle changes a bit easier. Because if you have chronic yeast infection - then chances are that you will need to introduce at least SOME lifestyle changes in order to get rid of it! So we aim to provide free helpful resources for you in the one place.

Todays freebie provides some quick relaxation techniques . Stress has been proven to reduce the healthy functioning of our immune system. If you have been unable to get rid of Yeast (Candida) infection, then I will absolutely bet that you also suffer from high stress! So check out these quick fun, and easy ways to de-stress.

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Friday, October 24

Curing Yeast (Candida) Infection - Taking It ToThe Next Level

What most people who suffer from Yeast (Candida) infection do not realize is that there are three main ways to treat Yeast infection:
(1) using pharmaceuticals;
(2) using natural remedies, and;
(3) using/making lifestyle changes

These three are listed in order of easiness to use AND in order of success rates. Yup, the easiest is the least effective and the hardest is the most effective... bummer!

The program that "Jenny" is following has moved her treatment to the next level. She has tried for close to a year to treat her yeast infection with various pharmaceuticals (there are a range of products). Now she is (with success) using the natural remedy program we have designed forHerba have been used for long to relieve symptoms of dseases her. But, if this program had not worked, the next step would have involved lifestyle changes.

The fact is, that natural remedies can seem the more difficult option. They are not as easily available as pharmaceuticals, they are often unfamiliar products, they can be messy, some are expensive (none on our program have been, but that is because we began with the cheapest natural remedies and they are working - but, if they had not worked,we would have moved to more expensive remedies), and there is little guidance on how to use natural remedies effectively.

We naturally look for remedies that are well known, recommended by people who we know are trained to cure our ills, and are easy to get. And, when they DON"T WORK, many people are left feeling helpless.

Lifestyle changes are notoriously difficult for us to make. Even simple sounding changes - like those we need to make to our diet - can take months to implement. Why? Because we have already established habits about where we shop, what we cook, where we eat, what type of food we like and so on! And the diet changes required to beat Yeast (Candida) infections include (but are not limited to): reducing sugar intake, including probiotics, and switching to organic foods. In other words, everything has to change - new menus, new shops, new eating places. And this takes somethings most of us do not have - money and time! Time to research and experiment and learn new systems and find new foods we can afford.

If you live in Canada or the US, we can help you with some of this. Just put your Zip code in the above Eat Well Guide, to find local restaurants, farmers and shops that provide sustainable meat, eggs and dairy products.

Quit Smoking & DrinkingFor people with chronic Yeast (Candida) infections, diet is just the beginning of the lifestyle changes they will probably have to make in order to get rid of this tenacious infection. (Check the next few posts for more details about this).

When we look at what it can take to cure Yeast (Candida) infections, its no wonder that so many people are desperately looking for answers.

Some freebies to get you started:
Brands and Products (US) with no artificial bovine growth hormones (The European Union, Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand have banned the use of rBGH. Dairy products from these countries are rBGH-free.)
What's Really In Your Food

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Saturday, October 18

Yeast Infection Being Cured

As reported in our previous post, we have agreed to work with "Jenny" to help her get rid of Yeast (Candida) Infection using natural remedies.

"Jenny" has had this infection for nearly a year now and is desperate to finally be rid of it. She has spent, she estimates, over $500 over the last 12 months, using pharmaceutical products. She has had some success. The infection was also on her feet - and that has gone. But the infection on her hands has stubbornly refused to go.

As promised, "Jenny" has sent the first photos -
the yeast infection on her hands.

"Jenny" has agreed to provide feedback and photos that we can publish for our readers benefit in exchange for our guidance. The first of the photos have arrived. The first photo is not very clear, so "Jenny" has included a similar shot taken after the application of one of the natural remedies, two days later (notice the lesion near the second joint ion the middle finger of the right hand has already healed):

This particular natural remedy turns the surface of the yeast
infection white for a
short while after application.

Notice that only the infected area turns white - even though Jenny applies the remedy all over the infection fingers and thumbs. Notice also in this photo we can see the yeast infection around the nail areas - which is not so visible in the first photo. Jenny reports that even after only 4 days she can already notice a lessening of the infection. I include her photo, though the improvements are not as noticeable for us, as yet.
Another shot, showing some improvement, 4 days later

The next set of shots will arrive in a week. The improvements will be a lot clearer by then (but remember, after all, that the pharmaceutical remedies have not achieved any results in 12 months! - so we cannot expect the natural remedies will clear up the intransigent infection in just a few days). It is great to hear that "Jenny" is already getting results - so we look forward to her next report in a week. (To find out more about the natural remedies that "Jenny" is using follow this link)

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Sunday, October 12

Yeast Infection Healing Experiment That You Can Watch

Recently, a woman wrote to this blog begging for help with a yeast infection she has had on both her hands for nearly a year and despite continuous use of pharmaceutical products has failed to get rid of it.

We agreed to work with her to get rid of her infection and she agreed to share her results with our readers. We also asked her for some photos of the infection on her hands. We will post these when they arrive and keep you posted on her progress as she trials a variety of natural remedies.

In this blog numerous natural remedies and life-style remedies have been posted over the last two years, along with research findings when they are available - including anecdotal reports.

Over the next few weeks we will revisit many of these remedies and provide updated information and research findings.

Because it is largely ignored, because it is underrated and because its importance is least understood, this post is about one of the cheapest natural remedies that can help cure yeast infections - SLEEP!

AND - we provide you with an excellent free booklet -

This booklet is easy to read is filled with great pics that help make reading it even easier. Apart from giving solid tips on how to improve our sleep, it also outlines common sleep disorders - such as:

 It takes you more than 30 minutes to fall asleep at night.
 You awaken frequently in the night and then have trouble
falling back to sleep again.
Plus numerous others that most of us take for granted as "normal".

So what? Well, the fact is that healthy sleep is an essential part of a healthy immune system. As they point out in the booklet:

Other factors can also influence your need for sleep,
including your immune system’s production of cellular
hormones called cytokines These compounds are made
in large quantities in response to certain infectious diseases
or chronic inflammation and may prompt you to sleep
more than usual. The extra sleep may help you conserve
the resources needed to fight the infection. Recent studies
confirm that being well rested improves the body’s
responses to

Check it out - and if you decide that you need it, you can also download this FREE Sleep Diary

It may well turn out that what you need is more sleep - not more medication!

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Wednesday, July 23

Is It Yeast Infection Or Something Else?

Check out this excellent report written by Marie Savard, M.D. - the ABC News Medical Contributor (July 14, 2008).

Savard explains how we can use a simple pH test to determine whether we can safely assume we have a yeast infection (and take remedial action without the need to visit the doctor)

"Yeast grows in the vagina when the typical acid producing vaginal bacteria called lactobacillus is overtaken by other bacteria, either from antibiotics, from douching, or even in women who have less estrogen after menopause."

This results in reduced acidity of the vaginal fluids - in other words, lower pH. She goes on to explain that:

"The pH or acidity of the vaginal fluid with other infections such as bacterial vaginosis (also called BV) and trichomoniasis (commonly referred to as trich) typically is much higher "

Margaret J Sparrow explains this further:

Figure 2. Narrow-range pH tape for testing vaginal pH. The healthy vagina is acidic, between 3.8 and 4.5 (yellow or pale green). An alkaline pH (blue) is found with bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis. a sample of the vaginal secretion from the lateral vaginal wall is obtained with a smear spatula or swab... READ MORE

So if we test the pH level and find it normal to low - then we can reasonably assume that the "irritation" we experience is from yeast infection - and take remedial action suitable for that (natural, lifestyle or pharmaceutical - whatever you find works). If the pH is higher than normal - then safer to get a professional diagnosis.

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Tuesday, June 3

Yeast Infections in Moms Effects Their Babies Long Term Health

Some doctors can be quite casual about yeast infection (caused by various strains of Candida - most commonly, Candida Albicans), especially vaginal yeast infections.

This has been previously commented on in this blog - particularly when it concerned children.

Recently reported results from quite disturbing research shows that we were right to be concerned about this casual attitude.

Because it has been discovered that yeast infection in pregnant Moms is implicated in the onset of Epilepsy in childhood. In a research project that involved over 90,000 infants and that was conducted over 8 years, it was discovered that:
Exposure to certain maternal infections in the womb increases the odds of epilepsy in childhood, according to an analysis of data from a Danish study. Among the infections cited were cystitis (inflammation of the bladder), pyelonephritis (inflammation of the kidney and upper urinary tract), and vaginal yeast infection......

The relative risks ranged from 1.23 for diarrhea to 2.56 for vaginal yeast infections in preterm infants (yeast infections did not increase the risk in term infants) more HERE
Just to put this in perspective, infections such as genital warts or genital herpes were not found to increase the risk of epilepsy for children born from Moms with these infections.

Given how many women suffer from yeast infections during their pregnancy, these research results are a cause for great concern.

At the very least, we need to confront doctors with these research findings if they dismiss our concerns about yeast infections during our pregnancies.

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Friday, May 23

Rapid Testing For Vaginal Yeast Infection

In sites all over the web you will read that 75% of women will get yeast infection at some time in their life - this figure is quoted in government health sites as well with sometimes the additional observation that 45% will "experience" two or more outbreaks. This is true for the UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and may be even higher elsewhere.

In other words, this is a condition that cause pain, discomfort and worse to an awful lot of people.

Here is some more information that you will find on various government, research and medical sites:

* The medications that are used to treat yeast infection are not intended to destroy it - just to suppress it.

* Repeated use of these medications has resulted in yeast infection strains that are now resistant to these medications

* Early identification of yeast infection results in more successful treatments

* Nat all vaginal or crotch itches are yeast infections - in fact there are a variety of other possible causes.

As sufferers, here is what we want from doctors:

* accurate diagnosis of our condition
* effective and appropriate medication
* cure!

So on the face of it, a quick home-test for yeast infection that is cheap and accurate has got to be appealing. Particularly for people who get yeast infections on a regular basis.

If we can test ourselves whenever we suspect we have a yeast infection, then we can quickly respond with whatever cure we prefer (chemical or natural or life-style).

So when I came across this very positive review of a rapid home-test that only costs $10 I was pretty excited. "Great news to post on the blog", I thought! :
Rapid yeast detection assay is accurate and affordable compared with the gold standard yeast culture in the diagnosis of vulvovaginal candidiasis. Relative to the wet mount, it is more sensitive, cheaper, and accurate for the rapid diagnosis of vaginal yeast more
Then I read the rest of the review!! In the middle of a lot of fancy words was these eye opening observations
The rapid yeast test performed by the physician was positive in 30 of 41 subjects with positive cultures and 13 of 63 subjects with negative cultures.
Plain and simple this means that in 9/41 cases the test delivered a false negative (says the infection was not there when it was) and in 13/63 cases it delivers a false positive (says it's there when it isn't). That's 22% chance of a false negative and a 21% chance of a false positive!

That means a 1/5 chance that this "fast, cheap" test will wrongly lead us to taking medication - thus increasing the resistance of yeast population in our bodies and so reduce our chance of a cure if we do actually get yeast infection in the future.


It means a 1/5 chance of not treating when we should. Resulting in the infection getting much worse before we start using a remedy!
How did this researcher overlook these blatantly obvious weaknesses in these test result? Was he paid to look the other way? Is the standard of researchers just so poor that even we uneducated observers can do better? Or are they just more casual about health matters that don't really affect them?

Here we have yet another medical researcher casually suggesting we try a medical approach where the odds of success are disgracefully low. Whatever happened to the '1 chance in 10,000 of an adverse result'' standard?

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Thursday, April 17

How Strong Is Candida Albicans Yeast Infection?

If you have found this blog it probably means you (or someone you love) are having problems getting rid of Candida Albicans (more commonly known as simply: Yeast Infection)

As you will discover from several posts, you are not alone! People with other chronic and serious health conditions like diabetes, obesity, transplants or AIDS, for example, experience very low cure rates with Yeast Infection. This is hardly surprising when even people in good health experience poor cure rates.

Take a look at the following series of images taken by David Scharf (colors have been used to improve the photographic clarity) and published by Alamy and you will actually see why cure rates are so low.


The above photo shows a vigorous growth of Candida Albicans. Now let's see what happens when a treatment is used:


Looks promising at first glance. But notice there is new growth pushing through the surface in the background!

Now lets have a look at the final photo showing the Yeast Infection after treatment:


And here we see the problem!! The treatment has been superficial - or "skin deep". The Yeast Infection is not completely destroyed and new yeast spores are emerging.

And this is typical of topical medications. But treatments for Yeast Infection must be "systemic" to work permanently. That can even mean changing the environment we live in! Check the side bar for more blog posts on this.

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Sunday, February 17

Now Is The Time To Do What It Takes!!

Yeast Infection is worse during hot, humid months. That means more people get yeast infections, they get them more often and it is harder to get rid of.

Check out the following graph which shows the number of searches for the term "yeast infection" for each month in 2007. (This graph is typical of every year Google has records)
Clearly, by April, the increase in yeast infections has already begun. So, NOW is the time to take steps to avoid the problem all together.

Throughout this blog there are numerous remedies and self-help strategies that can help you avoid yeast infection in the coming months. Use the search bar at the top of the page to help you find them.

There are posts on: home remedies, probiotics, and natural cures such as grape seed oil. There are many related topics such as: the role of sleep in healing and the role of antibiotics, smoking, diabetes, diet, stress etc in causing yeast infection (some links provided but many more are not).

Taking action now may well mean a yeast infection free summer.

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